Teeyan Mala Celebrations

By Lauren Kathage MP

17 August 2023

Lauren speaks to the Victorian Parliament about the recent Teeyan Mala event in our community.

Lauren Kathage (10:02): I rise to recall in fondness and thank the organisers, Austar events, of the Teeyan Mela, which was held recently in my community. I thank the organisers Rajinder Joshan and Richa Sharma for creating such a fabulous event.

This women’s event featured gidha, the traditional Punjabi dancing and singing, and the intricate rhythms and melodies that were created absolutely transfixed all who were present. The entire gymnasium was full. Everybody was having a fantastic time, and I was so glad to be there with all of the women gathered together sharing their experiences and sharing their joys in our new community forming in the north.

I have to tell you that when I drove home, my hands were sore from all the clapping which features in the music, my feet were sore from dancing and my heart ached from bursting with joy.

So I want to thank again the organisers and all the women for spending that fabulous afternoon with me.