By Mernda Park Primary School

21 June 2023

Lauren Kathage (Yan Yean) (10:20)

On Monday I attended Mernda Park Primary School, where I met with assistant principal Caroline Van Oorschot. I was there to present awards to the school’s winners in the Big Bridge Build competition. This competition celebrates the building of a new bridge over the Plenty River in Mernda as part of the Bridge Inn Road upgrade. In this competition students used home materials and art and craft materials – we had cans of chickpeas; we had dish-drying racks – to create a bridge, and I was really pleased to show the creations to Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan, who judged the competition.

At Mernda Park Primary School I was so pleased to present awards to Dhyan Patel, Yvresse De Marco, Mira Gosain and Sampruthi Madhusudanan. Their awards and talents will be everlasting – great students. After that I was able to have a bit more of a look around the school, which prides itself on being a place where creativity meets technology.

If anyone has ever been in or heard of a gaga pit or is worried about what that might be, I suggest you visit Mernda Park Primary School.