Bridge Inn Road Upgrade

By Lauren Kathage MP

18 October 2023

Lauren Kathage MP invites the Minister for Transport Infrastructure to see first-hand the impact of the Bridge Inn Road Upgrade in her district.

Lauren Kathage MP (19:08)

My adjournment is for the Minister for Transport Infrastructure, and the action I seek is for him to inspect progress at the Bridge Inn Road upgrade. 

This upgrade is going to create safer and faster journeys for the 17,000 motorists who use the road each day in the dynamic suburbs of Mernda and Doreen.

This upgrade is also providing a bit of excitement in the community, especially for the kids to see the cranes at work, such as when the four-lane bridge over Plenty River base was constructed with 33 giant 58-tonne beams being lifted into place in tandem by 750-tonne cranes over the Plenty River.

It was a sight to behold.

The upgrade of the intersections with Vantage Point Boulevard and Bassetts Road is happening as we speak.

There are so many major infrastructure investments in my community, and I am looking forward to working with the minister to deliver these projects which will help my community to thrive.